Bulgaria: A Land of Growth and Opportunity

With its roots dating back some 1,300 years, Bulgaria is a country both rich in tradition and ripe with opportunity. Situated in the southeastern part of Europe, it has a population of approximately 7.6 million. Bulgaria became a member of the European Union in 2007.

In recent years, Bulgaria has undergone enormous change, transforming itself from a poor, underdeveloped communist state to a modern, democratic and dynamic country. This transformation has resulted in a pro-business environment that offers great investment potential. Forbes Magazine has called the capital city of Sofia one of the world's next great cities.

Bulgaria looks to open its’ doors to you so that you can improve your quality of life and freedom of international mobility while enjoying the extensive benefits the country has to offer.

Bulgaria Business Advantages:

  • Macroeconomic and financial stability
  • EU membership and NATO membership
  • EU’s most favorable taxes: 10% corporate income & personal tax
  • 0% in high-unemployment areas
  • Europe’s lowest operational costs
  • Well-educated and highly-skilled labor force
  • 22% of population holds university degree
  • Government support for priority investment projects
  • Linking Europe and Asia

History and Geography

Geographically and in terms of climate, Bulgaria features much to admire. Its landscape ranges from the Alpine snow-capped peaks in the Balkan Mountains to the sunny white sand beaches of Black Sea coast. Throughout its history, Bulgaria has been positioned at the crossroads of civilization. Its colorful historical heritage reflects centuries of evolving influences from both the East and West.

Quality of Life

Bulgaria offers a cosmopolitan quality of life that is regarded by many as among the highest in Europe. First-time visitors to Bulgaria are often surprised by how modern the country feels. They are also attracted to Bulgaria’s rich diversity and stunning natural beauty.

Business Environment

Bulgaria offers foreign investors a remarkably diverse and cost-effective business climate. Real estate investment has produced a plentiful supply of modern, affordable office space. Corporate taxes and labor costs are comparatively low. Privatization and deregulation has helped spawn an increasingly modern public utility and telecommunications infrastructure. Compared with western European standards, investment assets in Bulgaria are dramatically undervalued. Investors will find some outstanding values in the marketplace, where upside opportunities are plentiful.

Education and Training

Bulgaria's working-age population is highly educated and skilled. Backgrounds in engineering, medicine, economics and the sciences are well represented in the workforce. The aptitude of workers and the relatively low cost of labor serve as considerable incentives for foreign investors to do business in Bulgaria.

Strategic Location

Bulgaria’s position at the strategic epicenter of the European continent offers investors here an obvious competitive advantage. Businesses can easily reach the entire market of the European Union, as well as the markets of central and Eastern Europe.

Favorable Trade and Tax Environment

As a member of the EU, Bulgaria enjoys free trade and access to markets representing over 800 million people. Bulgaria is making considerable efforts to offer the lowest corporate and personal income tax rates in Europe. The country also offers considerable tax incentives to businesses that invest in high unemployment neighborhoods.

Strong Domestic and Foreign Investment

Business investment in Bulgaria has never been more robust. A significant number of international companies have recently opened offices in Bulgaria, an obvious result of easing regulation, proactive financial policymaking and a stable and growing economy. Locally owned companies are also increasing their investment in Bulgaria – a true sign of confidence in the country’s increasingly bright future.